A Fresh Canvas for Creativity

We are thrilled to announce that we have finally received our certificate of occupancy on the house we have been renovating!  Many many thanks go out to all the people who helped to provide a helping hand to complete the project.  Thanks, especially to Kevin Lynch of St. John’s Baptist Church, who served as the general contractor for this project.  Having access to the house is like being given a blank canvas, full of possibility, opportunities for creativity, inspiration, and hope.  Throughout the summer months, we’ll ease into the house, giving ourselves time to discern the best ways to set up and furnish the space.  On Wednesday evenings, we’ll use the common rooms for Dinner and Devos.  We’ll also use the house, throughout the week, to host mission groups.

A second fresh canvas is being gifted to us this summer!  Myer Park Baptist Church youth group will devote one whole week to renovating one of our sheds and transforming it into an arts and music studio.  Once the project is complete, we will be able to teach art workshops, practice music, record poetry and rap, and engage in other creative practices.  We take joy in God’s creation and find meaning, beauty, and inspiration when we engage with the Holy Spirit in acts of creativity.  Having access to a creative space will allow us to devote time and attention to the creative work that God is doing in and through us,  build relationships with one another, and practice our creative expression skills.

We believe that having an expressive outlet of creative arts in our neighborhood will help to prevent violence and crime.  The US department of Justice reports that, “Because they reach a wide audience, arts and performances are effective ways to prevent or reduce crime.  By reaching new audiences with each performance or display, arts and performances increase awareness and refresh anticrime messages for those who may have heard but forgotten them.  They also communicate messages in multiple ways to emphasize key ideas, allowing youth to use their artistic, musical, dramatic, and other talents to deliver vital information to the community.”  (click here to read more from the US department of Justice.)

What a wonderful opportunity it is to be able to receive the gift of warm and welcoming space with which may serve one another and creatively express the unifying love God bestows upon our community!  Please pray for us as we move into our new spaces and begin practicing creativity and hospitality in new and inspiring ways. We welcome you to come and see our new spaces and offer your talents to create.pray.welcome with us!