A Nesting Place

Over eight years of practicing hospitality in a variety of ways, we have come to discover our hospitality identity.  The Family Tree is a nesting place for folks who are in the midst of life’s transitions.  Life’s transitions include times of trial, challenge, and metamorphosis.   In our years of providing hospitality we have come to recognize the importance of providing care to those who are in the midst of great change including periods of vocational discernment, housing changes, identity discoveries, or the transition from childhood to adulthood.  We welcome a variety of people who are in transition into our home, providing a nesting place of companionship, holy listening, family life, and stability.  The variety of people who we have nurtured includes:

  •  Discerning Young Adults-young people in their transition years who are seeking clarity and guidance in their vocation, life goals,
  • identity, and purpose.  These young adults come into our care and work side by side with us, providing helping hands for various community ministry and outreach events.  Throughout their temporary stay with us, they engage in prayer, Spiritual Sojourning, and holy conversations that (we hope) will provide them with a sense of God’s call and direction.
    • Summer Interns
    • Year- long interns
    • Friends in life transition
    • Neighbors experiencing housing crisis- In the case that our neighbors experience a threatening housing crisis or homelessness, we do our best to offer them potential resources and/or lodging when we are able.
      • Temporary guests
      • Long term guests
      • Area housing resources &  contact information provided