The Deep Grief of Loss

Life here keeps in front of us the fragility of life and the pain of loss. we have had to bury two of our beloved, Khalil, who was a teen, and Keith, who was in his early twenties.  We still walk by the places where they died nearly every day. We still talk about their[…]

Let’s Pull Together

Our Summer Freedom School program begins with a gathering called “Harambee,” which is Kiswahili for “Let’s Pull Together.”  Our work of hospitality and solidarity in Enderly Park often reminds us of the power of pulling together.  By eating together, singing together, working together, simply by being together, we have found joy and strength.  Our lives[…]

Freedom Ride 2015

On August 1, 18 youth and adults will head out of Charlotte for our annual Spirit Safari. This time we’ll be headed south, following the path of the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights movement. We have been preparing all summer, including watching old footage, participating in the new movement for voting rights and against[…]

We’re all in! Are you?

This is BIG, EXCITING, SCARY, & HOPEFUL news… We’re all in!  This past Sunday, Helms and Greg announced their resignation as Pastors of South Park Christian Church so that, beginning mid-July, they will be able to focus their full time attention to QC Family Tree.  QC Family Tree is giving birth to creative initiatives, ministries,[…]

My Experience of This So Called “Progress” by Liz Eagle

Greg recently published a piece with Baptist News Global about the coming gentrification in our neighborhood. The piece was also published by Creative Loafing, our Charlotte alternative news weekly. Our friend Liz Eagle has lived for several years in a neighborhood across town that has been dealing with the changes of gentrification for almost a[…]

Oh the Freedom Train’s a comin’…

Get on board! This summer, QC Family Tree is taking our youth on a Freedom Ride.  In early-mid August, we will start our journey south to Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma for a week’s worth of learning and growing together.  We hope to take approximately 15 middle and high school youth on an enriching journey[…]

Future Goals

QC Family Tree is a community of discipleship in West Charlotte. Since 2005, members of QC Family Tree have covenanted together to live and work in the Enderly Park neighborhood in a way that embodies solidarity with the poor, hospitality to all of God’s people, and seeking to live a fully embodied, authentic Christian life.[…]

Neighborhood Appreciation Day

On May 2, 2015, QC Family Tree will be organizing and hosting Enderly Park Appreciation Day.  The day will be filled with groups doing community projects together such as renovating apartments and possibly a few other properties, community gardening, art installments, contests, games, food, and more. This is a day we are super excited about![…]

Hands on Volunteers Needed

You may have heard the great news that QC Family Tree has two new houses!  These houses are split into 5 total apartment units.  Our hope is to provide these homes at an affordable rate to our neighbors.  Three of the five units are already being rented by neighbors.  Two of the apartments are in[…]

Other Items Needed

We are running low on items from our regular needs list. In addition to our regular needs, The Family Tree is currently accepting the following donated items: Hospitality needs: 7 twin mattresses and box springs, folding chairs, 1 light weight folding table, frozen casseroles Gardening supplies: hedge trimmers, 2 wheel barrows, netting for strawberries, 2 hoses, 2 nozzles, 1[…]