Become a Cultivator

Over the years, The Family Tree has relied on the many gifts given to us by kinfolk from near and far. Friends of The Family Tree support us by joining us in prayer, volunteering their time and talents, and committing to give financially in order to sustain us.

As members of The Family Tree, we entrust ourselves to a certain way of life. A life centered around prayer, hospitality, and joining in the creative works of the Spirit. Throughout our time here in West Charlotte, NC, we have noticed more and more, that we are all one big family. We care for one another, pray for one another, eat together, share stories, laugh and cry together. We invite you to think of yourselves as family too. It is our hope that together we will be an answer to the prayer, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

There are many ways to contribute to the family here in Enderly Park. Since the start of this year, we’ve been conspiring and imagining ways to provide more sustainability for life here in Enderly Park.  We are very hopeful that you will join us. We’d like to increase our body of support by at least 30 new Cultivators .  Will you commit to being a cultivator of The Family Tree?

Some folks give $10 a month and others give up to $300 or anywhere in between. Whatever the amount, it all goes a long way in supporting the ministry and family we are all a part of.

Become a #cultivator by setting up your monthly donation here. 

Are you interested in partnering your small group or congregation with the ministries of The Family Tree?  Learn more about becoming a Partner by clicking here.