Celebrating 10 years

Grace and peace to you from Enderly Park! At QC Family Tree, we are celebrating the past and looking towards exciting moves for the future. The first week of August will mark our tenth year of rooted discipleship in West Charlotte. This past decade has been a schooling for us as we have attempted to learn to live together in peace across many boundaries. This education has acquainted us with deep grief and with unspeakable joy. Sometimes those highs and lows have happened in the same day.

The road is difficult.  Our brokenness can be very deep.  And yet, by the encouragement of friends and loved ones and by the grace of God, we are more deeply committed than ever after ten years.  This remarkable journey reminds us of how weak we are, and it reminds us of how we strong we are.  We keep walking with the sense that we are held up by a Love that binds us to itself and to one another.

Now in our tenth year, we are diving in even more deeply. We have a deeply committed group striving to create, pray, and welcome in Enderly Park. For the first time, Greg and Helms have left their part-time work in order to work full-time in Enderly Park. We have deep partnerships with churches, non-profits, and neighborhood-scale businesses. We are filled with anticipation.

But, we cannot do it alone. Just during this summer, our Freedom School is full, with 50 students learning and singing and dancing their way toward freedom for six weeks. We provide three hours of reading curriculum each morning, serve them two meals every day, provide transportation for field trips, and employ young adults who serve as mentors while doing their own vocational discernment. Our youth group is spending the first week of August following the path of the Freedom Riders, and seeking to discover their own roles in working for peace together. Our summer workers – three of whom grew up in our youth group – are making this happen by their long hours, while trying to find the path God has set in front of them.

This is exciting work at an exciting time. Life at QC Family Tree is full of beauty. Will you help to make it happen? Your contribution helps to keep this important ministry going year-round. It makes you a part of this exciting work in Enderly Park, helping to bear witness to God’s goodness in the world. We thank you for all you have done in the past, and we look with great anticipation to the next ten years of rooted discipleship in Enderly Park.