Furniture donations needed

Hi Furniture Friends,

We are trying to locate used (but in good condition) or new pieces for the newly renovated house at 2908 Tuckaseegee Rd.  Over the past two years, many congregations have helped to gut and remodel a home that is now ready to house interns and neighbors in the community.

Details on time frames and specific furniture needs listed below…

If you have any furniture to donate, please contact Helms directly at:

Ms. Helms Jarrell

or 704-654-7429


Happy Summer!


We can accept furniture from now until August 9 and then again beginning August 20.  Our two week break is Sept 1-16.


2 Interns and a child are moving in August 18-22.  We’re hoping to at least have the furniture they’ll need in their rooms and the fridge by then.  So at minimum, we’ll need a double bed, a dresser, a night stand, a lamp, an area rug, and a fridge by August 22


Here is the rest of the furniture list for 2980 Tuckasegee Rd.

Here are some visuals to help you to get an idea of the “look” of the house:

6 area rugs

Mini fridge

2 sets bunkbeds

1 Queen, 2 Doubles, 2 Twins (in addition to bunks)

3 dressers

5 mirrors

w/d {Mars Hill Baptist might donte?)


2 table/chair (2-4) sets similar to this:

Couch like this:

2 chairs for seating in living room


Lots of Furniture feet- the soft things you put under furniture so that it won’t scratch the floor

2 welcome mats

6 small trash cans for bedrooms and bathroom

Kitchen trash can

Brooms, mops, dust pans

Mail box