Future Goals

QC Family Tree is a community of discipleship in West Charlotte. Since 2005, members of QC Family Tree have covenanted together to live and work in the Enderly Park neighborhood in a way that embodies solidarity with the poor, hospitality to all of God’s people, and seeking to live a fully embodied, authentic Christian life. QC Family Tree has done this work in community, sharing life together between a small group of committed residents whose way of life is informed by and radically open to the neighbors around them, namely neighbors in a neighborhood full of assets and gifts, but also struggling with generational poverty.

QC Family Tree is committed to being rooted in Enderly Park. Its stability in place for a decade has been a significant asset to the organization and to the community that it is part of. This stability has allowed members and neighbors to dive into deep relationships and thick friendships in mutual commitment to one another. The result of these relationships is a deep trust and willingness to listen to and learn from one another.

The three primary areas of expression that ten years of roots in Enderly Park has borne are creativity, prayer, and welcome. In a place often identified for its deficiencies rather than its assets and gifts, QCFT has experienced Enderly Park as “good soil” in which to be planted. The creativity that spills out from this life together is able to draw others into the good news of the gifts of the community. Creativity begets itself, taking on many different forms but always building life. QCFT has consistently made space for spiritual disciplines, holding to an ancient rhythm of life that helps bond members together with one another, with neighbor, and with God. The practice of welcome, or hospitality, has been the most visible gift of QCFT from the beginning. Knocking on the door at all hours of the day, visitors find a welcome place, a listening ear, a cool glass of water, or a word of encouragement.

QC Family Tree is working to move even more deeply into the neighborhood, shaped by the history of Enderly Park and the history of the QCFT community, alive in the present environment of Enderly Park, and making bold moves to continue building a strong, fertile life together with the children and families of the neighborhood for the future. We commit ourselves to the following initiatives in the next five years:

  • We will continue to implement a dynamic youth and children’s program that will result in better educational outcomes, increased educational and economic opportunity following high school graduation, and fostering Christian discipleship in our youth.
  • We will work to build neighborhood-scale economic opportunity with Enderly Park through social entrepreneurship ventures.
  • We will encourage all manner of creativity with Enderly Park, especially initiatives aimed at bringing more beauty and self-expression to public form in ways that encourage personal interactions between neighbors.
  • We will deepen our spiritual practices through attention to prayer, spiritual direction, and personal disciplines of faith.
  • We will be effective advocates for social change in Enderly Park, in Charlotte, and in North Carolina, by amplifying the voices of neighbors where possible, by working with public and private sector institutions to bring about positive change, and by using our own voices to speak for justice and reconciliation.

QCFT is currently seeking contributions to meet the above needs. Together we have crafted a compelling story of faith and kinship in Enderly Park. We invite you to participate in that story with us, deepening our roots into the good soil of Enderly Park.

black and white family tree