An introduction from Hyaets

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Hyaets Community journey continues to evolve and grow.  Since 2005 we have been working to inspire, enrich and embody community in West Charlotte.  Our ministry presence has expanded to envelop and serve alongside more people in multiple locations.  We are at a juncture at which we can more faithfully fulfill our mission by forming two new community organizations.  We are excited to introduce you to these two new organizations and to tell you a little about the vision of each.Your support over the years through time, donations, love and prayer has been instrumental in our growth.  Without you, all that we have done and will continue to be and do in the future,would not be possible.  We hope our excitement about the future will be yours as well!

Little Tree will be established as a non-profit rural intentional Christian community with a cooperative organization structure.  Members, residents and staff will work together to fulfill the mission of Little Tree, which is to strengthen one another through community, faith and nature.  This community, located on 25 acres of farm land in West Lincoln County, will collaboratively create a rhythm of life which balances work and Sabbath.

Little Tree has three areas of focus:

* Local Farming–We use permaculture farming principles, i.e. sustainable agriculture, to produce fresh, healthy food which we supply to local community-owned food pantries.  We use agriculture as an educational and vocational tool to support local communities because of its power to provide food and economic opportunity.

*Retreat Center–We host a variety of retreats for individuals and groups of all ages, such as contemplative weekend alone or a mission experience.

*Cooperative–We help create responses to poverty based upon cooperative principles, meaning that those being served own and run the programs that benefit them.  Little Tree is committed to living into the way of Jesus through hospitality, simplicity, prayer, peacemaking and love of all creation. Click here for the Little Tree website.

Remaining in Enderly Park is “The Family Tree.” This group will focus on being “kinfolk rooted in discipleship in West Charlotte.” As they share life together at the corner of Tuckaseegee and Parkway, neighbors who are part of The Family Tree will engage together to create, pray, and welcome. In creating, they will give expression to the vibrancy of the work of the Spirit in Enderly Park. The days of life together at The Family Tree will be framed by prayer and by the practice of individual and corporate spiritual disciplines. And, members of The Family Tree will welcome members, neighbors, visitors, and guests to join in the Good News that God is working out  in the neighborhood. The hope is that in creating, praying, and welcoming together, the rooted discipleship of The Family Tree will be a movement of goodness and unity in Enderly Park.  Click here for The Family Tree Website.

We thank you for your support of Hyaets, our neighbors and our mission over the years and ask that you continue to support our work.  In the next few months, we will experience a few administrative changes, and we hope to make that experience as quick and easy as possible for everyone. As we go through this process, we need and value your continued support.  If you make a tax deductible donation to Hyaets, please designate in the memo the location to which you would like to contribute:  Little Tree or The Family Tree. You will receive further correspondence from us as these administrative changes draw to a close.

We are excited about where these changes are taking us, and we are glad to have you as friends and supporters along the way. Please be in touch with us – we love to hear from you and are excited to share more with you about where we are headed.

Grace and Peace,

Hyaets Board of Directors

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