How we care for each other

Written by Jemima Suwa

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

These words by Richard Bach embody what I feel when I think about my brothers and sisters at The Family Tree; we may not all be related by blood, but we are definitely connected and committed to one another in the deepest ways.

We strive to express this connection with one another in practical ways, such as praying and eating together. In our prayer time, we give voice to any concerns, prayers, or joys that we may have. We keep each other up to date on all that’s going on in our personal life, and we try to encourage one another as much as possible in person or by text or e-mail. When one person is in charge of a particular project, the others ensure that s/he does not feel alone by offering to help with some of the tasks.

We share our evening meals together, and relax and unwind with the kids after a full day of activities. Neighbors are welcome to eat and relax with us whenever they can. From time to time, we go out to dinner, or check out concerts and other events in town. We greatly value hard work and dedicated service, but we also see to it that everyone is getting the rest and refreshment that they need. We work hard and play hard together.