February 11, 2014

Join Us


Freedom School–   The Family Tree hosts a children’s literacy camp for 6 weeks during the summer. As a volunteer with The Family Tree’s Freedom School, you are a leader in the effort to provide the children of our neighborhood with experiences that will “engage, educate and empower them to succeed in school and in life.”  You are essential to the process of connecting children to a broader community that believes in them and deepening your community’s investment in children, which are two of Freedom School’s primary objectives.  As the saying goes, we believe it truly “takes a village” to raise a child, and we are thrilled to have volunteers support us as we come together for children in our community.  We hope that volunteers who donate their time with Freedom School will fulfill their mission of service while cultivating a deeper sense of community and connection.  If you would like to speak with someone about volunteering, please contact Helms Jarrell.


Art Workshops– Our youth love to create art and often find ways of expressing themselves in meaningful ways in the Family Tree garden and landscape, and around the homes.  Volunteer to teach our youth your craft, talent, or skills. Examples: art, music, drumming, dance, folk art, crafts, spoken word poetry, photography, etc.

Below, you will see photos of when our youth participated in an Art Retreat Day led by Cindy Cooper.

art class.jpg


Gardening– Garden Tending is one way in which we practice resurrection- working with creation to offer a hospitable space- full of beauty, growth, and both physical and spiritual nourishment.  We try our best to garden organically and to use permaculture methods.  Greg and Helms are the “gardening experts” at qcfamilytree and they could use some knowledgeable and committed volunteers to help.  Contact Helms if you are interested in volunteering.