Kinfolk Coffee Cart Empowerment Project

In September, we gathered our neighbors for a “family meeting” to discuss our need for employment options and how we will address that need.  Together, we decided we would start up a business that would employ neighbors and provide sustainable financial support to our nonprofit as well as our neighborhood.  Neighbors brainstormed different business ideas.  One of our youth gave the suggestion of starting up a coffee cart business.  Since we already have a relationship with Enderly Coffee, this seemed like a great fit. LAH_7292

Thus far, we have purchased coffee distribution supplies.  We have done a coffee cart trial run at one Panther’s game.  We are booked for several events in the spring.  Two neighbors are taking charge of the business and along with Greg, they are making great progress.  We hope to purchase our cart in the spring.

Things we need to make this project work:

back*  A knowledgeable person who will walk with us through the process of getting licenses and permits and such.

*  A coffee cart.

*  Marketing help.

*  Uptown storage space.