Neighborhood Economics

December 1, 2014

In November, Helms and Greg were sponsored by the National Benevolence Association to attend the Neighborhood Economics conference.  This conference was powered by Parish Collective, SOCAP, and the Center for Interfaith Relations.  The conference inspired Helms and Greg to continue to do the work of being rooted in discipleship in West Charlotte and to labor for a way of life that allows for all of creation to flourish.

In the weeks to come, the fruit of the conference will come to bear as we continue to reflect upon what we heard and apply the lessons learned to our way of interacting with the world.   We hope you’ll read the notes we took from the conference and take some time to reflect with us on how we might, together, work toward building a more neighborly economy.  Click on the following links to read our notes and reflections on the conference:

Key Note Speaker, Walter Brueggemann

Key Note Speaker, Peter Block

Presenter notes

Resources for a New Economy

A work (in progress)- Helms reflections after Neighborhood Economics

Liturgy of Departure- a working reflection on developing a narrative of departure