My Story Matters: Felix Martin

Dear young people,

We believe your story matters.  Your life matters.  You matter because you are a child of God.  You matter because you are bright and beautiful.  You matter because you are human.  You matter because you are gifted and generous.  You matter because you are family.  You matter because you are caring and kind.  You matter because you are you.

You may be hearing the message that your life doesn’t matter.  This message is not true.  It is not right.  It is unjust and evil. Never should a bullet enter your flesh.  Never should a blow come to your cheek.  Never should a hateful word be spat in your face.   Do not listen to these things. Do not let them tear you apart.  Resist the temptation to believe the myth.  The truth is that you are made in the image of God.  You have something to say.  You are holy, marvelous, and beautiful.  You are loved.

Your life matters.  Your story matters.  You matter.

I am Felix Martin and My Story MattersLAH_6006

I am honeybun cake to fresh baked cookies

I am Ranson Middle Schoo to ABC’s

I am South Carolina to Sweet Tea

I am Legend Blue 11’s to 0-100/The Catch Up

I am talking to my friends to the color green

I am Martial Arts to Irish Spring Soap

I am from Hyaets to QCFamilytree

I am from shoes under my bed to overflowing closets

I am Monsters Inc. to going to church every Sunday 

to little police man

I am but more importantly, WE ARE


Rooted in discipleship by the QCFAMILYTREE