Neighborhood Appreciation Day

On May 2, 2015, QC Family Tree will be organizing and hosting Enderly Park Appreciation Day.  The day will be filled with groups doing community projects together such as renovating apartments and possibly a few other properties, community gardening, art installments, contests, games, food, and more.

This is a day we are super excited about! Neighbors and friends will all gather to create things together, pray and play, and make a community more welcoming for everyone. Will you join us?

If you are interested in helping out in any capacity to pull this day off, please contact us.

PicMonkey CollageCapture the Vision for Neighborhood Appreciation Day (NAD)…

Neighborhood Appreciation Day falls on the day QC Family Tree typically did “Share Day” – If you are familiar with Share Day, this day isn’t much different but will include a few community projects along with games and contests. The main difference being that we will not be having the usual free “yard sale.”

Instead…imagine residents of Enderly Park coming together with a few outside volunteers for neighborhood story-telling, community beautification and clean-up, renovation projects, gardening, local (#withinonemile) businesses, basketball games, dance contests, possible raffles or others contests, ending with a neighborhood walk and a cookout to celebrate the good good time we will all have together!