Neighborhood Economics: Presenter Notes

Notes from the 2014 Neighborhood Economics Conference


Presenter, Melissa Long:

  • Wake up to our oneness
    • Feel a sense of purpose
    • Feel connected to each other
    • Experience interdependence
    • Feel connected to the natural world
    • Generosity
    • Gross National Happiness index
  • Book resource- Lovers and Givers by Grant
  • Why not choose to buy milk from a farmer who chooses to kiss the goat’s ears because it makes the milk sweeter?
  • Awakening the heart of the entrepreneur
    • Put a generosity warrant onto investments
    • Invest in a small business
  • How to build community prosperity
    • Local first
    • Shared ownership
    • Opportunity for all
    • Innovation for good
    • Soil and nature
    • Communal capital
    • Localist policies
    • Magic and Soul
  • How do we ward against gentrification?
  • Shift from personal prosperity to community prosperity. “Pull $ out of wall street and invest in real businesses that are building the economy we need.”
  • Catalyze the courage of your hearts
    • Cultivate the ability to see each other
    • Your story matters
    • The Greater Good Science Center @ Berkley

Presenters James Johnson-Piett and Sara day Evans

  • Deep connection to place
    • People
    • Place
    • Prosperity
  • “Marshalling the idea of a new economy”
  • “How can communities own the things that matter?” JJP
  • We are tired of the poverty porn that the media puts out! SDE ***YES!***
  • “What are the underground, informal economics that are happening in the neighborhood that contribute to financial and/or relational economy?” JJP

Presenters Ivan Gonzalez and Darin Petersen

  • “There is a way to organize an economy that results in all of creation flourishing” IG
  • “When considering Goods, products, and services, ask yourself, ‘How does this help me build a deeper relationship with people.” IG
  • Could there be a day that there is a fuller expression….of everyone flourishing?
  • “It is not that rich folks and poor folks don’t care about one another, it is that they don’t know
  • “There is quiet excitement and possibility of doing life in a different way.” IG
  • “Neighborhood economics don’t develop over night. They develop over time.”  IG
  • Stop in to every business within one mile of your house and spend money.

Presenter James Johnson-Piett

  • How do you translate a business strategy into an emotion?
  • Transformative relationships, transformative performance, neighborhood impact


Presenter John Pattison

  • Food+ Money+Meaning
  • Taste education- reteach ourselves what food really tastes like
  • What small acts of faithfulness does our love of this place require of us as a community of faith?
  • Has the American church become the chaplain of Empire rather than a demonstration plot of the Kingdom of God?
  • Faithfulness= quality, not quantity- has to be our final standard
  • There are a lot of conservative Christians that oppose the teaching of evolution in schools yet accept without challenge the teaching of economic Darwinism that leaves behind the orphan, widow, and marginalized.
  • Practice diverse and peaceable conversation in a fragmented world.

Presenter Joy Anderson

  • Questions of Spiritual Formation
    • How do we make this stuff stick?
    • Shouldn’t this be the work of the church?
    • This is hard/scary work. What equips us to do this work?  This is long distance running, not sprints.
  • Resources
    • The Thousand Churches
    • Kivazip
    • Criterion Institute


Presenter Robin Paoli

  • What does good look like?
  • Transformational index
  • What we measure matters. What do we measure?  Is it the right thing?
  • If we judge a fish by how well it climbs a tree, the fish will feel stupid all its life.
  • Measurement is what unites funders of mission.