Freedom School Partners

February 11, 2014

Charlotte Pastor Casey Kimbrough, formerly of our neighborhood church, once told some of our young people that one reason that it was important to learn to read and write for yourself is because if you do not, then someone else will write your history for you. It is extremely important that our young people learn to read and write effectively because this gives them the power to write their own stories. One way we help in this is by hosting Freedom School.

Charles Thomas

With our friends at Freedom School Partners, 50 students gather for six weeks in the summer to spend most of the day reading and writing. Freedom School is a remarkable program that our young people love.

It takes lots of volunteers and lots of support to make it happen.

We need:

  • On Site Activity Leaders- Volunteer to lead an activity for 10 students for 45 minutes in the afternoon. ++ Go an extra step and stay to lead the same activity with a second group of 10. Activity examples: art, music, poetry/spoken word, dance, drumming, quilting, folk art, crafts, cooking, games, recreation.
  • Harambee Reader- Volunteer to be the guest reader during the morning pep rally from 8:45-9:15am.  You may choose a children’s book to read to the group or we will pick one for you.
  • Field Trip Chaperone- meet our students at a designated spot and enjoy an enrichment activity with them, providing encouragement and a caring presence.
  • Snack provider- provide snacks for a week of Freedom School
  • Weekly Shopper- take the provided shopping list and do some bargain buying.  Bring the supplies and the receipt to our Freedom School site location.  You will be reimbursed for the purchases.
  • Supply collector- Sponsor a supply drive at your church or civic group.  A list of supplies will be provided to you.
  • Volunteer coordinator- work closely with Helms Jarrell to recruit Freedom School volunteers for The Family Tree site.
  • Intern encouragement- provide goody bags or encouraging notes for the Freedom School interns and staff.
  • Special Event staff- provide assistance at the Jubilee party, parent meetings, registration, and field days.


Contact helms@qcfamilytree if you are interested in volunteering.