Radishes Observing Lent

For Lent, The Family Tree “Radishes”  will be giving up sweets; mostly Greg and Helms but the rest of us have to give up sweets when we are here in the Treehouse. Gotta give that respect.

To commence the Lenten season we indulged a little last night and had our own Fat Tuesday party.  We kicked things off with some friends at Kickstand Burger-N-Bar. I don’t think any of us have eaten there before. We were invited to meet up for dinner because on Tuesdays there, KIDS EAT FREE! You won’t regret going.

Then when we came home, we indulged. This was our sweet spread of sweets (and beads…you gotta have beads).

fat tuesday

We played a game called “Poop Smoothie,” a game we learned from our Synergeo friends years ago in Richmond.  You will definitely want to request playing if you stay around for a good while when you visit.

Collectively, for Lent, we will all be reading a book called Things Fall Apart by Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe.

Our foster dog Madu is wondering if there are any Lenten practices you have taken up this year?

mardi gras madu