Seasonal Needs

July 19, 2017

Seasonal Needs:

This is a short list of the main items that we need for each month, which we hope can be donated to us.

  • January-February: Food for neighborhood superbowl party; Girls’ Night supplies and helpers

  • March-April: Sponsorships for beach trip

  • May: Help with our annual SHARE day event including donations, personnel, activities, etc.; Donation of one weekend at your beach house for annual beach trip

  • June-August (Summer activities): daily help, lunch providers, transportation help, activity leadership; Sponsorships for youth camp; Mission groups to our neighborhood

  • August: Book bags and school supplies

  • September: a week at your vacation home for “The Family Tree” missionaries Sabbath keeping

  • October: Children’s books to give away at Halloween event, Halloween event volunteers, prizes, and supplies

  • November: Thanksgiving meals for neighbors

  • December: Goodies for distribution at Christmas