Spirit Safari Days 3-8 itinerary

Tuesday, August 12:

8:30AM: Breakfast

9:30AM: Discussions, devotions, preparation for the day (This day we will talk about grief, anger, hope. Our visits will center around commemorating, expressions of grief, constructing a positive response to violence)

10:00AM: Pack lunches, fill bottles, etc.

10:30 AM: Depart

11:30AM: Lunch at West Thames Park, play on waterfront.

12:30PM: Charlotte’s Place, Trinity Church

2:00PM: Ground Zero/St. Paul’s Church

4:30PM: Back to Metro

5:30PM Supper on the roof

7:00PM: Head to Staten Island Ferry

Following Ferry: Dessert at Holey Cream (9th/53rd)

Walk back to Metro

11:00PM: Quiet time


Wednesday, August 13:

8:30: Breakfast

9:30: Devotions, Reflections, Preparation: This day will take us to Harlem. We will talk about race and poverty. Copies of Baldwin’s letter to nephew needed. Also, “poor door” video on Greg’s computer. We will leave a little later this morning, headed to Harlem. Participants will use computers/tablets/phones to learn a little about one or two of the following, then be on the lookout for particular sites related to their subjects later in the day:

  • Billie Holiday
  • James Baldwin
  • Malcolm X
  • Apollo Theater
  • Doug E. Fresh
  • Madame C.J. Walker
  • Abyssinian Baptist Church
  • Adam Clayton Powell
  • Striver’s Row
  • Langston Hughes

10:30: Exchange info: who was your subject? What did you learn? Can you show us a sample performance/work?

11:30 Depart for Harlem with lunch prepared.

1:00 Exodus Foundation/Washington Heights – 21 Wadsworth Avenue

3:30   Harlem Walking tour.

5:00  Early supper – soul food in Harlem

6:45  “Space for Grace” at Riverside Church

8:30: Mosey back to Metro


8:30 – Breakfast

9:30   Pack lunches and leave

10:00 Central Park – Enter near museum of natural history or 72nd St. Walk to 59th/5th

12:00 Lunch near park exit

12:30 – Depart for Showman Fabricators – 47-22 Pearson Place, Long Island City, NY

3:30 – Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church – 5th/55th

5:30 – Backstage tour of Rocky: Eye of the Tiger musical

Back to Metro for supper afterwards. Schedule rooftop

Evening: Youth choice? Provide a few options for them to select

Retire earlier this night



8:30  Breakfast

9:30 Pack sandwiches, snacks, morning devotions. Theme of the day – hospitality and creativity. Connections: Chinatown, making a place your own, using available resources, importance of hard work, cultivating ownership, caring for others. Catholic Worker visit this day. Connect with current border crisis.

10:30 High Line tour. (Greg, take check for tour guide.) We will talk with our guide about the creativity and transformation that made the High Line possible. Lunch in High Line park. Leave by 12:45 for Catholic Worker.

1:30  Mary House Catholic Worker

3:30  Chinatown – Take in the sensory feast. Split into smaller groups, take photos of interesting places. Stop in shops. Eat in restaurant with your group. Meet back together at 7pm.


Saturday, August 16

Lots of fun stuff, including:

Kayaking in the Hudson River

Museum of Modern Art

Street Food in Brooklyn

Free concert in Central Park

Sunday, August 17

Worship at Metro Baptist Church (our hosts)

Dinner with Bruderhof Harlem House


Monday, August 18

Travel Day through Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Stopping in Roanoke, VA for supper and rest