Spirit Safari, Friday

On Friday morning, we started off walking toward the High Line where we met our tour guides who told us all kinds of interesting history and pointed out important sites along the High Line Park.  We passed by the dock where the Titanic was supposed to land as well as the school that Tom Cruise’s daughter attends.  We viewed art and lots of native plants.  The buildings and the views were beautiful!

After the High Line, we headed to Mary’s House, a part of the Catholic Worker movement and the house where Dorothy Day lived.  We got a tour from Catholic Worker member, Martha, and we helped fold the community’s newspaper.  The papers that we were folding were to be mailed internationally.  We learned about the tenants of the Catholic Worker movement- nonviolence, anti-war, acts of mercy, hospitality, and simple living.

Then, we got lost (on purpose) in China Town.  So many sights and smells!  Our day ended with another walk through Times Square (the youth can’t get enough of that craziness) and group time at the church where we are staying.

All in all, it was a full day.  I’ve been thinking about the places that I’ve felt most at home.  The Catholic Worker house is definitely a place that feels like home.  The familiar life of working together, sharing at the table, and welcoming others felt good.  I’m looking forward to returning again soon!