The Danger of a Single Story

I recently had the pleasure of listening to this TED talk by Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  Adichie speaks eloquently about how a story, especially if there is only one story, can affect one’s identity and interaction with others.  She goes on to explain that solely identifying a person or people group in one way limits[…]

Solidarity Ethics

After reading philosophies like that of Robert Lupton in Toxic Charity and Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert in When Helping Hurts, I too joined the bandwagon:  “Yes!  We need to focus on assets!  Yes!  Some of the charitable work we do is actually enabling people rather than empowering them.”  I resonate and even wrote my own[…]

CommUNITY news mid-April 2014

-“Treehouse”- 2910 Parkway Ave-  Charlotte, NC 28208 –  Greg and Helms Jarrell – 704.392.2346 – SUMMER CAMP FOR KIDS           Sign up your elementary aged child for the 6 week summer camp called “Freedom School” hosted in our neighborhood by The Family Tree.  The cost per child is only $35.  Each day of camp includes[…]


Frequently Asked Questions Tiffany’s answers are in purple Jemima’s answers are in pink 1. What exactly is The Family Tree?  The Family Tree is a non-profit organization and ministry which desires to follow in the way of Jesus as we share life with others in our community. We have joined hearts, minds, and voices alongside[…]

A Lesson in Meaningful Work

As I mentioned in a previous post, three of The Family Tree members recently visited the Spring Valley Bruderhof community in Farmington, PA.  The daily routine at the Bruderhof involves: 6:15am breakfast and morning family devotional 7:45am- school bell rings 8:00am- Adults begin their work- housekeeping, grounds keeping, food services, communal laundry, workshops 10:00am- Communal[…]