Imagine the possibilities!

On March 22nd, 2014, The Family Tree hosted an evening of dreaming, imagining, friends, and food. This gave The Family Tree an opportunity to share some of our dreams and goals.  Fellow possibilitarians  were able to contribute  ideas and dreams as well.  Creativity and imagination is evidence that there is a God- a Wondrous Creating God.[…]

Sign up to volunteer with Freedom School

Freedom School is located at One Way Baptist Church at the intersection of Glenwood Drive and Tuckaseegee Rd. The Family Tree Freedom School Lead Team: Help The Family Tree Freedom School coordinators (Helms and Greg) with recruiting volunteers and collecting donations.  Email if you would be willing to serve on The Family Tree Freedom School[…]

Fresh Perspectives on Mission

Hyaets Community frequently receives calls from folks wanting to visit. This is essential for us, as it provides us with opportunities to connect with old friends, meet some new ones, and most of the time brings willing workers to help out with projects around the neighborhood. Every first-time visit starts with an orientation that introduces people[…]

Still Marching: Freedom School

Click here to be a part of the Freedom School movement this summer The 40 in the room sit entranced. Most of them are children, and they unusually are silent. The young adults are rapt. Our Freedom School site has always channeled the energy and inspiration of the Civil Rights movement for our daily work of improving literacy[…]

Neighbors in the News

Mighty Lion Restaurant Open for Business by: Jeneise Myrick, MS, NBCT Culinary Arts Instructor The Mighty Lion is a student-run restaurant at West Charlotte High School, a part of the Culinary Arts and Hospitality program. The purpose of the restaurant is to provide real work-based experiences to students through the CTE Culinary Arts and Hospitality curriculum.   The restaurant provides catering for both school[…]

A Lesson in Meaningful Work

As I mentioned in a previous post, three of The Family Tree members recently visited the Spring Valley Bruderhof community in Farmington, PA.  The daily routine at the Bruderhof involves: 6:15am breakfast and morning family devotional 7:45am- school bell rings 8:00am- Adults begin their work- housekeeping, grounds keeping, food services, communal laundry, workshops 10:00am- Communal[…]