Nyika’s Freedom Ride Reflection

Written by Sanyika Dillard When you go on a “Freedom Ride” road trip, you make assumptions about what you’re going to see.  That’s exactly what I did.  I assumed that most people in Birmingham would be racist.  Boy, how wrong was I.  I assumed that everywhere we went would look like Charlotte.  I was wrong[…]

Freedom Ride: Gulf Shores

We left Selma in the afternoon and drove a looooooooong way on what seemed like very deserted roads to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  It just so happens that a church member from SouthPark Christian Church has a niece who lives in the Gulf Shores area, so she hooked us up with dinner when we arrived after[…]

Freedom Ride: Selma

When you ask our youth what is their favorite day of the QC Family Tree Freedom Ride, many of them will say, “Selma!”  To get to Selma, we backtracked a bit through what seemed like deserted roads of Alabama and arrived there midday to the temperature of 104 degrees.  We parked directly in front of[…]

Freedom Ride, Birmingham, Day 2

Remembering that it happened once, We cannot turn away the thought, As we go out, cold, to our barns, Towards the long night’s end, that we Ourselves are living in the world It happened in when it first happened. -Wendell Berry, from A Timbered Choir   When the Freedom Riders left Atlanta in 1961, they[…]

Freedom Ride, Atlanta Day 1

We have read, watched documentaries, and spent some time talking with one of Charlotte’s most important Civil Rights figures. The excitement has been huge around the house. After preparing for weeks, our Freedom Ride has gotten started. We started out Saturday morning headed ro Atlanta. We found a nice spot a few minutes off the[…]