Celebrating 10 years

Grace and peace to you from Enderly Park! At QC Family Tree, we are celebrating the past and looking towards exciting moves for the future. The first week of August will mark our tenth year of rooted discipleship in West Charlotte. This past decade has been a schooling for us as we have attempted to[…]

Patience in Prayer

Each day begins with prayer.  At noon, we pause for prayer.  In the evening, we eat together in a simple act of prayer and fellowship.  We are not sure whether our prayers are reshaping the world, but we trust that through our prayers God is remaking us into God’s people.  We remember that we are[…]

Working toward Justice

In 2015, we are talking about race again in a way that we have not before.  Being present in Enderly Park has given us eyes to see more of the depth of the brokenness of our racial system than many people get to see. We witness every day the way that places like ours have[…]

The Deep Grief of Loss

Life here keeps in front of us the fragility of life and the pain of loss. we have had to bury two of our beloved, Khalil, who was a teen, and Keith, who was in his early twenties.  We still walk by the places where they died nearly every day. We still talk about their[…]

Let’s Pull Together

Our Summer Freedom School program begins with a gathering called “Harambee,” which is Kiswahili for “Let’s Pull Together.”  Our work of hospitality and solidarity in Enderly Park often reminds us of the power of pulling together.  By eating together, singing together, working together, simply by being together, we have found joy and strength.  Our lives[…]

Freedom Ride 2015

On August 1, 18 youth and adults will head out of Charlotte for our annual Spirit Safari. This time we’ll be headed south, following the path of the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights movement. We have been preparing all summer, including watching old footage, participating in the new movement for voting rights and against[…]

We’re all in! Are you?

This is BIG, EXCITING, SCARY, & HOPEFUL news… We’re all in!  This past Sunday, Helms and Greg announced their resignation as Pastors of South Park Christian Church so that, beginning mid-July, they will be able to focus their full time attention to QC Family Tree.  QC Family Tree is giving birth to creative initiatives, ministries,[…]

Volunteer for Freedom School

It’s that time again – time for Freedom School!!!  Summer learning, good books, Harambee, cheers and chants, field trips, afternoon activities, and more! Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School® programs are summer literacy and character building programs led by college student interns with the purpose of defeating summer learning loss and giving every child an opportunity to[…]

Kinfolk Coffee Cart Empowerment Project

In September, we gathered our neighbors for a “family meeting” to discuss our need for employment options and how we will address that need.  Together, we decided we would start up a business that would employ neighbors and provide sustainable financial support to our nonprofit as well as our neighborhood.  Neighbors brainstormed different business ideas.[…]

A Nesting Place

Over eight years of practicing hospitality in a variety of ways, we have come to discover our hospitality identity.  The Family Tree is a nesting place for folks who are in the midst of life’s transitions.  Life’s transitions include times of trial, challenge, and metamorphosis.   In our years of providing hospitality we have come to recognize the importance[…]