Take Root Internship Program

This just in….
SouthPark Christian Church and The Family Tree are working collaboratively to hire two new interns in August 2014. They will serve 10 hours a week each at the church and 20 hours at The Family Tree. Interns will receive Room & Board plus $500/month stipend. Resume and cover letters must be sent before July 15th to The Family Tree; 2910 Parkway Ave; Charlotte, NC 28208.

Take Root Internship Program

The Family Tree “Take Root” year-long internship program is a year of discipleship combining faithful service, intentional community, and social action.  Young adult interns have the opportunity to:

  • Grow professionally … through serving in internships with a local non-profit dedicated to advocacy or direct service.
  • Grow spiritually … through serving in a leadership position with the host congregation.
  • Grow personally … through living in community with others who share a commitment to service & social justice.

Take Root interns serve approximately 20 hours a week with The Family Tree- a nonprofit engaged in community based direct service and advocacy.  Interns serve 10 hours a week with a host congregation.  They also engage in reflection and discussion with intentional community members and a Spiritual Director from the local community. The Take Root internship is a resident volunteer position.  In exchange for participation, lodging and food is provided to the intern by The Family Tree.

A Take Root Intern applicant may seek monetary compensation by applying for the position through one of two denomination-affiliated College or Graduate student placement agencies:

Summer only positions through   Alliance of Baptists Summer Communities of Service

Summer and year-long positions through Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Student.go

We have found that in order to best follow the way of Jesus, one must root themselves in the practices/disciplines of Jesus. We are able to nurture our relationship with God and others through intentional practices of faith. When you come to visit, you will see family in action. You will see that we are about the business of joining God in the work of creativity. We’ll be telling stories, singing songs, making art, growing gardens, and chasing after the lively Spirit who inspires us to work together to build a better neighborhood…to build a better world.  You will see us framing our days with prayer. We invite you to join us in prayer wherever you are as we pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. You’ll see us welcoming folks in, because that’s what you do for your family. We will keep eating together “family-style,” because now we know no other way to eat.

What to Expect

Our resident volunteer year and summer internship opportunities provide ways of connecting and exploring life in community. Resident Volunteers participate in every part of our common life, including:

  • Daily prayers
  • Shared meals
  • Neighborhood service and ministries
  •  Life among the people of Enderly Park
  •  Care for brothers and sisters in community
  • Caring for the land where we live
  • Each resident will have regular meetings with a member of The Family Tree for the purposes of discernment.

Apply now by sending your cover letter and resume to The Family Tree, attn: Take Root, 2910 Parkway Ave; Charlotte, NC 28208

Interested in interning with The Family Tree?

To learn more about our Take Root Internship, we encourage you to arrange a short visit.  Also, contact us to talk about  how you can become a resident volunteer or summer intern.

Current Job Position Descriptions

Videographer/communication specialist  This intern would help us create picture albums and video blogs of life at The Family Tree- community gatherings and events, trips, youth group activities, etc. S/he would also assist with creating and distributing newsletters, brochures, forms, calendars, e-mail announcements, and letters.

Artist in residence- We would like this intern to join us in our effort to inspire creativity in our shared spaces, and to encourage expression and enrichment through the arts. S/he would create art work and creative spaces, teach any skills or methods that s/he can, organize events for artistic creativity, and possibly create connections and relationships with artists, and art schools/classes and organizations in Charlotte.

Youth Community Service project coordinator- This intern’s main responsibility is to coordinate service projects for our youth group. S/he would contact different groups and organizations in Charlotte, and after s/he has confirmed the schedule (date, time, duration, duties, expectations, dress code, etc.), s/he would communicate the details to the youth group and also make plans for transportation to and from the venue. Following community service projects, interns are encouraged to lead reflection and discussion exercises in order to hear about what the kids liked or disliked, their high points as well as their concerns, and also to share in a time of prayer together.

Social worker/assistance ministry-The social worker/assistance ministry intern will attend to the needs and questions of neighbors and visitors who show up on our doorstep. People come looking for information about our ministry, event details, transportation, food, rent assistance, or just someone to talk to. The  social worker/assistance ministry intern will interact with people who come looking for assistance and will strive to discern the best ways to serve and assist them.

Project Manager- This intern will work closely with Helms, our Pinterest enthusiast, in order to find ways to bring our favorite Pinterest projects to life! We are always looking for good ways to inspire creativity in shared spaces, and we want to be able to build an inspiring and welcoming environment through our community garden. We would absolutely love for our Pinterest project manager to look at all of the garden/shared space Pinterest ideas and work her/his magic!

Family Respite Care- This intern’s duties will involve housework, babysitting, cooking, and intercession, etc. S/he will share the household chores of The Family Tree’s missionaries, in order to help them focus on the imperative responsibilities and priorities of the ministry.

Testimonies from previous alumni

“I see other students’posts about making the Dean’s list for their last semester, but I’m just thinking: “You got nothing on me. I got to hang out with people who will inherit the earth for the whole semester.” –Jackie, Raleigh, NC

“The Family Tree introduced me to the joys of community living and serving our neighbors.” -Matt, Raleigh, NC

 Contact The Family Tree to begin the application process.