Thanksgiving Prayer for Hyaets

 Prayer of Thanksgiving for Hyaets

Creative God, We give thanks for Hyaets.  This ministry grew from a seedling, was nourished by two courageous, transformative couples, the Williams and the Jarrells, along with the Kelletts and took root in Enderly Park.

We give thanks for Hyaets.  Because of this ministry of radical hospitality, countless young neighbors have most likely been drawn to its safe spaces rather than more destructive environments. Neighbors of all ages gained true neighbors, rather than people who want to come in and “fix” them.

In these safe places, there has been food.  There has been community.  There has been genuine care, including parameters that provided gentle structure.  There has been creativity, listening and lots and lots of laughter.  In these places, safety has been provided.  In these places, mourning has been shared and celebrations have been multiplied.  In these places, generosity has flourished like kudzu.

We give thanks for Hyaets.  Because of this ministry, countless volunteers have come in and donated their time, talents, skills, and presence.  They have received much more than they have given.  And seeds of further understanding have often been planted in their souls.

We give thanks for Hyaets.  Interns and staff have been given real life experiences among God’s people.  This intentional community has grown and expanded through the Dunns, even to another safe space in another county.

We give thanks for Hyaets.  There has been training.  There have been retreats.  There have been rides.   There has been sharing.  There has been the experience of planting and reaping, dancing and singing, creating and learning.  Most of all, corny as it may sound, underneath, above, within, and all around, there has been presence and love.  God’s love.  Your love.  Our Love.​

Spirited God, may your transforming breath help us to bless what has been, be present to what is, and dance into your possibilities that wait for us.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.