The Danger of a Single Story

I recently had the pleasure of listening to this TED talk by Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  Adichie speaks eloquently about how a story, especially if there is only one story, can affect one’s identity and interaction with others.  She goes on to explain that solely identifying a person or people group in one way limits our understanding of who they are and it also begins to limit them.  For instance, if the only story you ever tell your children about black cats is that they are evil and will cause bad luck, your children, when they grow up, will avoid any and all black cats.  (PS. Black cats are not evil and they do not cause bad luck.)

Our prayer at The Family Tree is that we will work against the “black cat” kind of teachings that have been ingrained into the fiber of our being, that we will learn all the many wonderful stories, not just one, and that we’ll tell all the many wonderful stories from the good soil in which we are planted and we’ll tell them well.  May it be so.