Veggie Soup for the Soul: Joe Lublinkhof

Joe Lublinkhof: A Veggie Soup Lesson

One of the greatest times of togetherness at Family Tree is when we eat. We share in the responsibility of who prepares dinner and on what night. Having grown up in the Italian tradition. I came in already already having a strong appreciation for cooking and family time around the dinner table.

The first time it was my turn to cook, I wanted to impress with my homemade spaghetti sauce. I went to the grocery to get all my specific ingredients and dutifully prepared it as I always do. It did not disappoint. Another Italian dinner well done.

When it came the second time around to cook, I wanted to make my fettuccine alfredo, yet another Italian family tradition However, that morning, during our beginning of day prayers, John Tyson, the oldest of the children (8 years), offered up some advice. I had mentioned how I needed to do my grocery store run to prepare the feast. John Tyson spoke up and suggested that I “should just throw things together that we already have.” He went on to explain that a past intern had done this when she cooked dinner and it was always so good!

I decided to take up his wisdom and try my hand at just using what was in the cupboards. We are blessed to have plenty of canned vegetables that combined make a delicious vegetable soup.

Diced Tomatoes
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Sweet Peas
Peppers Onions

All different vegetables, and all best when together. Just like a community with all different types of races, backgrounds, stories, and faith journeys. We already have these ingredients and they are best when together, not only good, but soul satisfying.