We’re all in! Are you?


We’re all in!  This past Sunday, Helms and Greg announced their resignation as Pastors of South Park Christian Church so that, beginning mid-July, they will be able to focus their full time attention to QC Family Tree. 10620827_830630927274_907400435153252708_n
QC Family Tree is giving birth to creative initiatives, ministries, and businesses that are strengthening the Enderly Park neighborhood.  In order to more fully sustain these initiatives, Helms and Greg have let go of their outside jobs in order to provide QC Family Tree with the staff support it needs to see these things through.
You can be a part of this good news!  
In the days ahead, we will be sharing the ways in which you may fully support and sustain the work of QC Family Tree as we grow.  For now, consider becoming a regular contributor to the work of QC Family Tree.  If just 50 people pledge to give $50 a month to QC Family Tree, we will be able to sustain our new growth this year.  Start up a recurring donation by clicking here.
Celebrate the goodness…
Tell your friends about the meaning that QC Family Tree has had to you.  In August, we’ll celebrate 10 years of work and ministry in Enderly Park. That’s lots of stories and lots of lives impacted by hospitality, prayer, and creativity. Perhaps your friend will hear the good news and decide to join the family ~ kinfolk rooted in discipleship in West Charlotte.